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    For Sale By Owner – A Money Saving Myth

    These days, we are seeing lots of homes on the market as “For Sale By Owner”. This trend is not new, but it is based on a myth. Often times, homeowners assume that selling a home on their own will save them money and hassle . THE REALITY is that often times, For Sale By Owner deals don’t save people money. In fact, sellers often LOSE MONEY by choosing to circumvent a listing agent.

    The Realtor is a crucial element in getting the best value for your home and getting you more money in the deal.

    Think of it this way: when you go to buy a car, if you go on craigslist and buy direct from the seller, do you expect to pay dealership prices? No. Do you even expect to pay the price the seller has it listed for on Craigslist? No. More often than not, you go into that deal hell-bent on negotiating your way down to a much lower price. There are a lot of unknown elements of a craigslist deal, there’s no one to verify paperwork or the condition of the vehicle. In this scenario, the seller often gets a lot less money than a dealership.

    If you go to a dealership to buy your car, your expectations are much different. The salesman at the dealership has the responsibility to know everything about the cars and ensure that all the paperwork and maintenance are in order. This salesperson is the grease that keeps the deal moving smoothly, making sure that you get a quality vehicle and that all the paperwork is in order.

    When it comes to real estate, the same principal applies. Buyers see a for sale by owner property and immediately assume that they will be able to negotiate the price down (often far below market value), since homeowners, typically aren’t real estate market experts.

    At the Rutledge Property Group, we take our listings very seriously. We ensure that top notch professional photos accompany your listing on hundreds of major home-search sites, that all of your paperwork is in order, we communicate with you routinely to ensure that you are in the loop. We price homes right, because we do our homework and we are determined to make this process as smooth and lucrative for you as possible.

    Intrigued? Give us a call at: 541-778-9677 to find out how to get more money and less hassle in your home selling transaction!

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