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    Fresh Home for a New Year

    It’s 2019! At the start of a new year, we thought we’d share some tips to de-clutter and freshen up your home:

    Reassess Regularly

    Going through your items on a regular basis, with a fresh set of eyes can do wonders for your de-cluttering process. If it’s something that you haven’t used in a month or more, consider whether it is something you actually need.

    Saying NO is OK

    Saying NO can be super difficult. Many of us enjoy finding good bargains and adding cool things to our homes. Often times, that turns into a “pack-rat” mentality. If you find yourself tempted to bring yet ANOTHER item into your home, consider what you are going to do with it (and maybe decide what it will be REPLACING…more on that later).

    Clear Surfaces are the Key

    The minimalist trend has been increasing in popularity. One of the cornerstones of that trend is having a very FEW items on surfaces like bookcases, coffee tables, etc. Check out Pinterest  for fresh ideas to choose only your favorite items to showcase and find tasteful storage for the rest. It’s fun to rotate items out, but just be careful to maintain lots of clear, clean surfaces.

    THINK then Buy

    This is a sure-fire way to ensure that you don’t find yourself drowning in stuff. The next time you are at your favorite housewares store (Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx), think not twice, but THREE times about whether you need that adorable item. And if you decide that you need it, you MUST make yourself choose what you will be getting rid of to make space for it.

    Learn to Say Goodbye

    Remember, it’s just stuff. Get in the habit of saying “goodbye” without tears đŸ˜‰ Don’t get too attached. Rather than focusing on how sad you are to let things go, focus on the excitement of getting a fresh look in your home.

    Stick to It!
    Stay strong! Remember, if this is not a commitment to change your lifestyle, you initial efforts will be for naught. Focus on the upsides and stay motivated.


    Best of luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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