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    It can be so exciting to hear that your offer on your dream home has been accepted! Once that happens, a whole slew of to-do’s drop into your lap. One of the first things is to schedule a home inspection.

    It is SO important to get a home inspected, because it keeps you from investing in a property with too many issues. Typically, the lender for your mortgage will also do an appraisal, but by the time the appraisal happens, it’s normally too late pull out of the deal.

    Here at the Rutledge Property Group, we have a list of killer inspectors who will do a great job for you. When you are deciding on an inspector you want to take into consideration a few items:

    1. What are their qualifications?
    2. Ask for a sample report, to see if their method is thorough and easy to understand.
    3. Check their references.
    4. See if the inspector has liability insurance, in the rare case that they make a mistake, the insurance can cover the damages that result.

    It is okay to be present for your inspection, or directly after, at the property, so that you can see, first hand, the issues that need to be addressed.

    Don’t be surprised if the inspector climbs on the roof or crawls around in the attic and on the floors. It’s their to protect your investment and find any issues with the home, including but not limited to: the roof, plumbing, electrical components, appliances, heating & air conditioning systems, ventilation, windows, the fireplace and chimney, the foundation, and so much more!


    Remember, working with a professional home inspector can save you bucket-loads of money in repairs, if you know what’s going on with your home. Buying a home is a big decision, this is an inexpensive safeguard to make sure that this home is the right one for you!

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