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    It’s Time to Trade Up

    1 Demand is STRONG as The Rogue Valley continues to grow!

    The Rogue Valley has seen huge amounts of growth in recent years, which means buyers are hungry for new listings. Whether they are looking to upgrade to a bigger home, or just arriving in the area looking to put down roots, we need more homes to list. Buyers are snatching up homes at an increasing rate.

    2 There’s Demand in the Area, YOU have the Supply

    As you consider listing, remember that housing inventory is still under the 6 month supply needed for a normal housing market. What that means for you is that your home is of much greater value to the market, since the supply isn’t keeping up with the general demand.

    3. Now is the Time

    In the past 5 years, housing prices in Southern Oregon have increased by 30.5%, according to SOMLS. These numbers are only projected to continue growing. If you are considering “trading up”, your downpayment and mortgage are only going to go up if you wait.


    4. It is Possible for You

    Where do you dream of living in 5 years? The Rutledge Property Group is your ticket to your Dream Home. With our personal touch, excellent customer service, professional networks of resources and understanding of the Rogue Valley Housing market, we will help you make that dream home a reality in 2018!


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