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    Q&A | Buyers Edition

    Welcome back to Q&A with the Rutledge Property Group! Today, we are excited answer the top 3 questions that Buyers tend to have when preparing to purchase a home.


    Top 3 Questions Buyers Ask:


    Q: Why do I need a Buyer’s Agent?

    A: As a Buyer’s agent, it is our full time job to find you the perfect home. An Agent is also a Fiduciary, which means we will always have your best interest in mind. We live and breath Real Estate, so we are ALWAYS on the lookout for the right fit for you and your family. We have so many tools at our disposal to do this. Additionally, a good buyers agent has solid connections with other realtors, lenders and escrow officers in the area, to ensure that your buying process goes as smoothly as possible. Finally, we do all the paperwork. In today’s complicated, legalese Real Estate Market, we are prepared to handle all the back-end stuff, so that you can focus on moving to your Dream Home.


    Q: Why do I need to be pre-approved before I start looking?

    A: The Real Estate Market is incredibly fast moving. As your Agent, we want to ensure that, when we open a door for you and you fall in love with that house, you aren’t held up with paperwork. Often times, homes come on and off the market faster than a lender can get you pre-approved. Also, when you are beginning this process, a good lender will team up with your Agent to prepare you for the whole process…you don’t want to put the horse before the cart.


    Q: When should I meet with a realtor?

    A: If you are even considering buying, selling or investing, you should call a Realtor (specifically the Rutledge Property Group) 😉 We are happy to sit down and do a Buyer’s Consultation to determine the best time for you to buy a house, and what steps to take between now and your first “House Hunting” trip.


    This concludes our Q&A for now. Please feel free to reach out with any further questions or if you are ready to make a move!


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