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    Springtime Tips: Yard Love

    Spring is in the air! As the days get warmer and the world starts to bloom, it’s the perfect time to work on that yard. Whether you are trying to sell your property, or just looking for that extra boost in curb appeal, here are a few tips for jazzing up your yard:


    Give your grass some TLC.

    After a long winter, sometimes your grass needs a little extra attention. Whether that’s just a fresh mow, or some new seen needs to go down where your puppy decided to dig, an hour of mowing, edging and seeding can make a world of difference for your curb appeal.


    Plant a tree…or 2 or 3!

    Not only are trees great for the environment, but they can add a special something to your yard. Do your research to determine which type of tree(s) would do best at the desired spot in your yard, then plant away! This can be a super fun thing to do with the kids.


    Spring Wreath.

    Believe it or not, wreaths are not just for christmas time. Go online and get some ideas for inexpensive, spring like wreaths for your front door. You will be amazed how a little pop of color really wakes up the look of the front of your home.


    Trim Touch Up.

    If it has been longer than 2-3 years since your home was painted, a fresh coat of trim paint can really sharpen the look of your home. For the $25 bucket of paint, your house will really start to shine!


    Spruce Up Your Garden.

    This may seem like a no brainer, but as the blooms start to come out, make sure to take that extra time to pull out the weeds and replace your plants that didn’t make it through the winter. Finish things off by tossing some mulch down and…voila!


    Potted Plants.

    Sometimes, the flowers in the front bed aren’t quite enough. Add to your porch by setting out a few potted plants by the door. It really adds that extra level of charm, on top of your cute new wreath.

    Pressure Wash Away!

    You would be surprised just how gross your walkway/driveway can get. Try borrowing or renting a pressure washer for the afternoon. Just spray down your cement, you’ll be amazed at how much brighter your home looks!


    Well, that’s it for now. Tonight, while you have dinner with your family, talk with them about some of these ideas and plan for a couple of fun projects this weekend to give your yard the TLC it needs.

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