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    Spruce Up Your Home for Showings | Part 1

    Everyone wants their home to show as well as possible. As you prepare to sell your home, take the following suggestions into consideration.


    Clean Everything

    When showing your home, it’s best to make sure everything is polished and fresh for your potential buyers. First impressions are everything.

    Give Every Room a Purpose

    To make your home as attractive as possible, make sure to make the best use of all the space. If you have a bonus room, or cluttered office, make sure to store the clutter elsewhere and show off the potential of the space.

    Let the Light in

    Natural Light is the best light. When you are making your final rounds to prep for your showing, open all the curtains and blinds, to brighten the look of your home (make sure that you have cleaned your windows inside and out).

    Fix anything that is Broken

    There’s not much that can turn a buyer off like lots of little broken things. A dripping sink or wiggly door handle raise concerns about other potential, larger problems. A day or two of handyman work can make all the difference here.

    Unclutter your House

    Minimize the clutter. Make sure your house is nice and clear of the little piles of things that tend to accumulate as life moves around us.


    Stay tuned for more suggestions next week….

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