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    Spruce Up Your Home for Showings | Part 2

    Welcome back to our 2nd set of tips for “Sprucing Up Your Home for Showings”. Take a look as these next 5 tips:

    Fresh paint and new carpet

    This is possibly the biggest difference maker for the interior of the home. Over time, walls and carpets get marked up and stained. Even with a carpet cleaner and a good wall scrubbing, it can be difficult to make the house look fresh. Take the time and money to do this and up your showing game, big time.

    Organize the Kitchen

    Often times, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Lots of life happens in this room, as such, it can get cluttered and a bit dirty. When you are preparing for a showing, make sure that your countertops, windowsills and sinks are clear and clean. Also, a fresh bunch of flowers can really brighten the room.

    Empty All Trash Bins and Hide Any Dirty Laundry

    This item pretty much speaks for itself. As a buyer coming into a prospective home, it can be a real turn off to come into a home and see (or worse, smell) someone else’s mess. Please take the time to clean up.

    Make Sure All Doors Are Open and Close Smoothly

    A little WD-40 and some detail oriented time and you will be able to ensure that your doors are squeak free.

    Replace Light Bulbs

    This is one of those final finishing touches that really spruces up the house.  Keeping the home bright and sharp. A few dollars in light bulbs will make a big difference in your showings.

    We hope this has been a helpful bunch of tips for you, as you prepare to list/show your home. Remember, if you have any questions relating to real estate, call the Rutledge Property Group!

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