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    Tips for First Time Home-buyers: Part 2 | Packing To Move

    Bubble Wrap. This could possibly be the best part of packing to move. With all of the knick knacks, mis-matched socks and random stuff in your junk drawer/coat closet, it can be daunting and stressful to decide what to bring and what to leave when starting your new life in your new home. Here are some ideas to simplify and speed along your moving process:

    Keep ONLY what you will USE.

    Oftentimes, parting with old things (whether purchased or gifted) tugs at the old heartstrings. However, a new home is your chance to start fresh and purge the things you haven’t used/ worn in forever. A good rule of thumb is: if you haven’t needed it in the last year, toss it. It can be easy to find reasons to keep never-used items, but do yourself a favor and donate those items. When moving day arrives, you’ll be glad you did!

    Packing Materials

    The need for packing materials can be underestimated. You don’t realize how many items need boxes/packing paper/peanuts until you start planning your move. Moving is costly enough without investing in myriads of moving supplies that you will use once in 10+ years. Try posting on social media to see if friends and family have boxes/paper you can use. Also, check out your nearest liquor store or wholesale club…they almost always have extra boxes to get rid of. Also, Uhaul has blankets you can rent/borrow for next to nothing which helps protect those larger items like bed frames and dining room tables during the bumpy ride.

    Systematize for Simplicity

    At the end of moving day, the last thing you want is to dig through 11 boxes of kitchen utensils, books and shoes before finding the one containing your toothbrush. Keep your boxes/bags organized by using a numbering or color coding system to track which boxes go to which room in the new house. Example:

    • Yellow: Kitchen
    • Blue: Bedroom #1
    • Red: Bedroom #2
    • Green: Living Room

    Try a system like this for your move!

    In summary: Declutter, borrow moving supplies to keep cost down and systematize your packing to keep it simple. Good luck!

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