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    Tips for First Time Homebuyers: Part 3 | You’ve Got Mail

    In the weeks leading up to your big move, there will be lots of details swirling around in your head. One item you should be sure to address is your address change. Nothing is more frustrating than placing your Amazon Prime order for that new “widget”, only to have your 2 days come and go before you realize that the package was sent to your previous residence.


    When changing your address, be sure to do so with several services:


    1. USPS: you can do a quick and easy address change/mail forward online, right HERE.
    2. UPS and Fedex. If you have accounts with the shippers, be sure to call or go online to update all your shipping info.
    3. Online Accounts like, Amazon and Ebay.
    4. Banking. Once you have updated your address with your banking institution, be sure to update your billing address for all auto draft accounts


    As you think of other places that will need an updated address, maybe jot them down on a notepad, or in your phone, and set aside an hour to blast through your list and tie up all those loose ends. You can do this!

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