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    • Tips for First Time Homebuyers: Part 4 | Things New Homeowners Can’t Live Without

    Tips for First Time Homebuyers: Part 4 | Things New Homeowners Can’t Live Without

    As a first time homeowner, there are some things you really can’t live without. This
    doesn’t refer to those cute new throw pillows, french press for the kitchen or that sweet
    new couch. The following items are things you should get, because when you need
    them, you need them. Hopefully, this can help you avoid many rushed Home Depot
    Extension cords
    Power cords are almost never the length you need them to be. Having extension cords
    of different lengths and colors can be a lifesaver as you get your new home set up!
    The more you live in your home, the more you will come to realize, things break. The
    last thing you want is to be crammed under your kitchen sink trying to tighten the joints
    on your pipes, whilst trying to hold your phone flashlight simultaneously. From kitchen
    sinks, to crawl spaces and attics, a headlamp makes a world of difference as you
    responsibly do all the things you would rather not have to do.
    Fire extinguishers
    Did you know, there are different fire extinguishers for different types of fires? A wood
    fire needs to be put out in a different way than a grease fire, and so on. When you move
    in, please do your research, to determine which type of extinguishers need to be where.

    You can also talk to your local fire department for tips. Make sure to store your
    extinguishers in places that are easily accessible in an emergency situation.

    Ladders and step stools
    Whether you are changing a light bulb, painting the trim on your house, or need to get to
    some of those pesky cobwebs, you will likely encounter many situations you are not tall
    enough to deal with. Step stools and ladders are a must when dealing with routine
    home maintenance. Don’t skimp on the price of these items. They are things you can
    invest in once and use forever. Remember, safety first!
    Now that you have reviewed this list, go forth and conquer!

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