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    What Makes The Rutledge Property Group STAND OUT

    This author has an interesting story about joining the Rutledge Property Group. Before I became the Executive Assistant, I was a client.

    My family was in a time crunch to sell some properties for my in-law’s estate. I was referred to The Rutledge Property Group, with the assurance that they would be energetic, honest and professional (they were). When I called Adam to discuss listing, he made himself available the same day to walk through my properties and provided pricing, based on comparable homes, within a day. The listing process was so smooth and he even scheduled a photographer for me! Even when the signs went up, I loved that they were modern, sleek and attention grabbing.

    He helped me understand that if I wanted to sell within a certain time frame, that my pricing had to be competitive. So even though the price was not as high as I initially thought it would be, he was right about the market value and I was so grateful for his knowledge and honesty. Once the properties were listed, it wasn’t long before we received an offer.

    Once our inspections came back, listing needed repairs, the R.P.G. even had that under control. Since Adam has a background in construction, he had a list of reliable vendors who helped us get those things fixed…and mentioning Adam’s name made them even happier to work with us and get us in their schedules quickly. We thought, “WOW! He has a great reputation and he’s super great to work with!”

    Through the entirety of our listing process, Adam, or someone from his team faithfully called us EVERY WEEK to get us up to speed on the deals and advise us on next steps. They were so prompt and professional with all of their paperwork as well.

    When it came time for me to make a job shift, I immediately thought to call Adam. I thought, “I want to work with the kind of people Adam and his team attract.”, assuming he would perhaps know someone who was hiring. To my surprise and excitement, Adam was just starting to hunt for an Executive Assistant, and the rest is history!

    6 months later, I am so happy to be a part of this amazing team. My respect for the people here has only grown and I can’t wait to see where all this hard work and excellent customer service takes us!

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